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Kandolhu Maldives Guide

Kandolhu Maldives offers a luxurious experience to visitors, and you can feel the ultimate serenity. The property is located in North Ari Atoll, and it helps you explore the enchanting natural view. The property brings ultimate luxury and comfort, enabling you to enjoy a great vacation. The property has 30 villas, and you can choose the suitable one. Beautiful sand beaches and coral reefs surround the resort, and you will love the view. Here, you can explore the ultimate natural beauty of Maldives, and the blue seas will take you to a new world. You can discover the mystery of oceans, and you can learn that Maldives comes up with stunning views.

Why Kandolhu Maldives?

Here you get a clear view of the reasons to choose Kandolhu Maldives:

  • They provide personalized service, and you can explore the mesmerizing view of the island. 
  • Kandolhu features one of the best reefs in the Maldives and is the main tourist attraction here. The diving sites help you enjoy the adventures, and you can also spend some time with the turtles.
  • There are four restaurants and 30 villas classified into five categories. The restaurants give you the option of delicious meals along with a la carte options.
  • Here, you can also enjoy relaxing spa massages that bring ultimate serenity. 

Overall, you can now learn how Kandolhu makes your Maldives tour memorable. 

How to reach the location?

Once you reach the Male International Airport, you can get a seaplane flight, and it takes about 20 minutes to reach the location. Next, you can also get a speedboat ride which takes about 15 minutes to reach the resort. Once you reach the destination, you can learn how it brings the best experience.


Here, you will get nice rooms for accommodations, and it will make you feel good. You can easily find the room descriptions that help you make the right choice. The villas feature stunning architecture that takes you to a new world. Here is a quick view of the rooms available:

Beach Villa

Beach Villa

There are a total of 6 beach villas of 85 square meter, and they are located on the Western side of Kandolhu. Here, you will find an open-air garden bathroom where you can spend some casual moments.

Pool Villa

The pool villa faces eastwards, and here you can explore a luxurious bed that helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep. The freestanding bath is another unique feature; you can enjoy a comfortable bath. There are 5 pool villas and the rooms stretch about 150 square meter.

Duplex Pool Villa

You will find eight duplex pool villas on the island’s western side. Here, you can find a daybed and explore the natural beauty of Maldives. Total there are 8 duplex villas and space available is 150 square meter.

Ocean Villas

The ocean villas are located over the seas, giving you a nice view of the blue waters. Here, you will get a king-size bed, and you can enjoy the mesmerizing view. There are 4 ocean villas spacing 80 square meter and the sundeck helps you enjoy a nice sunbath.

Ocean Pool Villas

Facing towards the West, the villas bring a lovely sunset view. The private deck has sun loungers, a sun umbrella, and a plunge pool. The ocean pool villas get a mysterious picture of the Indian Ocean. There are 7 ocean pool villas spacing 90 square meter.

The Environment: 

Beach View

Kandolhu endeavors to work with United Nations World Tourism Organization Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that help in improving the ecological balance. They help in improving the overall environment, and you can enjoy a cleaner atmosphere.

Here are the strategies they take to clean the environment:

  • They recycle plastic waste, and it protects the environment in real-time.
  • They use recyclable glass bottles to serve sparkling water.
  • The team members regularly clean the islands and dive sites that help people enjoy the adventures. 
  • The coral transplantation program is another good initiative to protect the environment. 
  • Marine biologists conserve marine life, and tourists can explore the amazing underwater creatures. 
  • Apart from these, they take certain other measures and thus the tourists can enjoy a cleaner environment

Dine and Wine


Next, you will get a pleasant dining experience on the beach or over water, and you can enjoy a romantic dinner here. They serve exclusive cuisines, and you will explore the fantastic savor. Also, there is the option of villa dining, which gives you the best experience. Private dining is the best option for couples where you can enjoy a private dinner with a special person. The place is the perfect destination in the Maldives, and you can spend some lovely moments with your friends and family.

The resort has exclusive dining and wine facilities, and you can spend some magical moments at the restaurants and bars. You can enjoy cocktail drinks at the beach, which brings heavenly pleasure. Here you will have comprehensive options and enjoy excellent foods and cocktail drinks. The options are:

  • The Market features all types of restaurants, and here you can enjoy international and local cuisines. Along with the lip-smacking breakfast menus, you can also find a la carte options and choose the foods you want to enjoy.
  • Olive is another exclusive place bringing the panoramic view of nature. Mediterranean dishes are the specialty of this place, and you will get the best experience in the open-air restaurant.
  • Sea Grill is one of the places where you can enjoy a lovely sunset and fresh seafood. This restaurant is located on the sand beach, and you can enjoy the enthralling view of the blue seas.
  • Banzai Maldives helps you explore Japanese cuisines. Here, you can enjoy sushi, sashimi, and some juicy meat full of flavors. You can even explore the night sky and the food.
  • Ata Roa is the place where Mexico and Peru meet the Equator. Here, you can enjoy some light cuisines like tacos and ceviches, and you can feel the positive vibes bringing a good feel.
  • Do you want to enjoy some fresh juices and cocktails? Vilu Bar is the ideal place, and here you can also participate in events such as movie nights and cocktail parties.
  • Villa dining is a suitable place to spend some casual moments. It’s open from 07.30hours-23.00hours, and it’s the ideal destination if you want a private dining option. Here, couples can enjoy both international and local cuisines.
  • Private dining helps you enjoy the best foods. You will get the option to decide on the menus after a conversation with the chef. The place is near the beach, and you can get the best experience here.
  • Kandolhu Maldives offers perfect meal plans, which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The a la carte dining option makes it easy to find the best menus. So, you can now enjoy the mouth-watering dishes in the Maldives.
  • The dine and wine facility helps you feel the authentic taste of international cuisines, and the beach view brings the ultimate pleasure.

Facilities and Amenities

Sky View

Now, you need to know the facilities and amenities available. Kandolhu Maldives brings the ultimate luxury, and you can eliminate all your worries. Once familiar with the facilities, you will feel confident to make your bookings. The facilities are:

  • Here, you will get 24 hours front desk facility and the staffs are always ready to help you. The front desk staff gives you support under any circumstances, and you can thus stay relaxed.
  • There is a small library where you can read books and it helps you explore interesting facts.
  • Here, you will get the gym facility, and you can warm up your body before a long tour. The gym has modern equipment, and they are easy to handle.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi helps you access the internet, and you won’t have to pay any additional fee. It’s easy to connect using Wi-Fi, and you can use it when you are inside the property.
  • Next, you can find a boutique where you can get some fashionable clothes featuring the culture and tradition of Maldives. You can do some shopping here, and it brings a good experience.
  • Multilingual team members make communication easy, and you can now quickly tell the professionals what you need. They will provide the services accordingly, making you feel happy.
  • In-room dining helps you enjoy lip-smacking dishes. Thus, you can enjoy a private dinner, which brings a better experience.
  • Also, you can enjoy laundry service, and the professionals clean the clothes thoroughly. Thus, you can wear proper attire and enjoy the whole tour.

Once familiar with the facilities, you will feel confident to make the bookings. The rooms bring the ultimate comfort, and you can feel relaxed. 



Kandolhu Maldives helps you enjoy some great adventures. You will feel excited to participate in the adventure activities, and your tour will become unforgettable. It’s time to explore marine life, bringing a real thrill.

Here is a clear view of the activities you can enjoy:

  • The renewal of vows is a perfect event for couples. Here, you can explore the tailored island vows, and it brings a fantastic view of the island. It’s the ideal destination where you can celebrate the Maldives wedding ceremony.
  • House reef snorkeling is one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy in the Maldives. Snorkeling from the house reef is the best way to explore the stunning marine life. The blue seas bring the ultimate mystery with a wide range of creatures underwater.
  • Snorkeling with dolphins gives you a unique experience. You can quickly get more profound with the dolphins and catch glimpses of underwater creatures. Now, you can enjoy the activity and make sure that you are a good swimmer. 
  • Manta Rays under the seas have a giant brain among all fish species. Now, you can participate in the Manta Ray mission, bringing real excitement. Manta Rays take you more profound, and you can explore the world under the blue seas.
  • Leopard shark is a mysterious marine creature, and they are usually seen in shallow waters of bays and estuaries. It’s a species of hound shark, and in the Maldives, you can expel the marine animal. The fish features a silver-bronzy skin, and it looks incredible.
  • Windsurfing is an exciting water sport, and you will enjoy sailing and surfing on the seas. It’s also called sailboarding; it is a popular water sport. The game requires excellent balance, and you must wear a wetsuit while preparing for windsurfing.
  • Catamaran sailing is another game that requires balance. You need to balance two hulls that sail in the middle of the seas, and there can be a cockpit or cabin between the two hulls. You can use this space to relax in the sun.
  • Next, you can enjoy a fun tub ride, and it’s the best option for those who want to relish an adventurous boat ride. An inflatable tube is used for towing, moving over the water at high speed.
  • Kandolhu comes up with nice diving sites, and you can enjoy the adventures in real-time. Also, you can join the diving course that will make you feel excited. The on-site PADI dive center trains you, and you will learn how to make safe dives. Kandolhu house reef is one of the best diving sites, and it’s time to begin the adventures. 
  • Also, you can enjoy some other activities too, such as kayaking, big game fishing, stand-up paddling, champagne sunset cruise, exploring desert islands, etc. All these activities and games bring thrill and fun that makes your tour successful.

Make sure you carry some necessary stuff like sunglasses, hats, cameras, etc., and you can now travel free from any worries. However, activities are subject to weather conditions, and you must check the weather status before getting into the waters. Adults must accompany children below 18 years to avoid any accidents.

It’s essential to go through the terms and conditions before you start the activities, ensuring that you avoid any controversies in the future. Also, you need to know the cancellation terms that enable you to choose the activities you want to enjoy.

So, you can enjoy the whole Maldives tour, and the marine animals will make you feel joyful.

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