Flights from Italy to the Maldives to Resume Soon

The COVID pandemic affected every livelihood of every individual on the planet. Some industries took a greater hit than the rest, Tourism being one of the them. With the development of vaccines and crowd control protocols, 2022 has seen the beginning of tourism revival. Airport lockdowns are being lifted worldwide, which brings good news for travelers from Italy hoping to spend their vacation in the Maldives.

Italy Transporto Aerero (ITA) is the current national airlines of Italy was established after Italy’s previous national airlines Alitalia declared bankruptcy, ITA completely took over operations of Alitalia on October 15 2021.

This December ITA will resume their flight operations to the Maldives. The flights from Italy to Maldives will start from December, with the first flight scheduled on December 17 from Rome, Italy to Velana International Airport as per the airline announcement. December to March with is considered to be the peak tourist season of Maldives will be targeted by ITA flights. ITA fought operations will initiate from December 17 which will last till March 26. ITA will operate at 3 flights a week to the Maldives till January 2023, followed by two flights a week operation continued till March 2023.

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