The Maldives Achieves the 900,000 Mark

The Maldives radiates cheerful spirits as it closes on to the goal. 2022 will be celebrated as the Golden Jubilee year of tourism for the Maldives and on this occasion, going above and beyond Ibrahim Solih the President of the Maldives in his presidential address held in February has set a goal to welcome 1.6 million tourists before concluding this year. As of last week, the island country has come very close to the goal by welcoming an astonishing 90,000 tourists. With this accomplishment, just 7 months into the year, the one million mark is now within reach.

According to the statistics released by the Tourism Ministry, by the 20th of July, the Maldives has recorded a total arrival count of 900,808 travelers. comparing this data with 2021 there has been a remarkable increment of 57.5 percent in the growth rate with a 42.3 percent increase growth rate in July 2022 however, it is lower by 4.8 percent when compared with 2019. But keeping in mind the rise in the number of tourists arriving each day which is now at 4482 tourists per day and the average stay now extended to almost 8 days shows a promising future for the rest of the year.

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