The Maldives promoted in CIS Region by the MMPRC-Kompas tours collaboration

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/Visit Maldives) is collaborating with Kompas Tours on a marketing effort to promote the Maldives in the CIS region. The campaign will run from April through July 2023. By integrating digital and conventional marketing efforts, the campaign will promote the Maldives and build the destination brand in the CIS market.

With over 17 years of experience, Kompas Tours operates its own charter programs in the most popular destinations around the world and within Kazakhstan. They are a leading tour company in CIS the region with a team of over 200 experienced managers. The CIS region is an important location for the Maldives’ tourism industry, with Russia now ranking as one of the top source markets to the Maldives in 2023.

Marketing the views, sounds, and experiences of the Maldives through digital, social media, and outdoor advertising activities is one of the campaign’s main focuses. The program will focus on honeymoons and family trips while showcasing the goods, experiences, and parts of the Maldives.

The CIS market in 2022 has shown 238,951 tourist arrivals at the end of 2017. Earlier this year, MMPRC participated in Moscow Dive Show and Pure Luxury 2023. To sell and further promote the destination in this area, MMPRC has planned a number of marketing initiatives.

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