Top 10 Traditional Maldivian Cuisine

The Maldives is a South Asian nation; its neighboring nations influence its cuisine. The country is rich in tropical fruits and vegetables, and seafood. So, you will get the essence of all these in the Maldivian cuisine.

Here are Top 10 foods that you must try to get that authentic vibe of traditional Maldivian cuisine.

1. Gulha

While strolling around during evening snack time, you must try gulha. This dish goes well with both tea/coffee. Basically, gulha comes in round shape with a filling of tuna, onion, pepper, coconut, which is then deep-fried. Take a bite of it and shake your palate with a sweet and spicy taste. 

2. Kulhi Boakibaa

This lookalike of cake is actually a delicacy that has tuna, onion, grounded rice, and coconut as its ingredients. Usually, the locals cook this dish in their homes, but if you are lucky, you can get it in local food stalls also.

3. Masroshi

Masroshi looks like a flatbread but with a twist. It has a unique filling of smoked tuna fish, coconut and sauteed with curry leaves, onion, and some special herbs and spices. 

4. Boshi mashuni

Boshi mashuni are banana flowers salad that has a crunchy banana flower as the key ingredient. With this, it has a zest of freshly grated coconut and Maldivian spices. 

5. Garudhiya

All the fans of dashi and miso will definitely be going to love this fish soup. Yes, garudhiya is a traditional fish soup of Maldives. The tuna fish cubes are cooked with spices and seasonings to serve clean and fresh soup. Relish this Maldivian fish soup in the cozy winter or during the summer.

6. Huni roshi

Have you heard of Sri Lankan pol roti? The Maldives has its very own version of this chapati bread. Huni roshi is a flatbread or chapati with coconut in it. This tastes soft from the inside and crispy from the outside.

7. Kavaabu

Kavaabu is one of the popular Maldivian snack items that people usually like to have with a cup of tea. The softer inside and crispy outer coating is what make this more delectable. The authentic recipe uses the smoked tuna fish, freshly grated coconut, curry leaves with a mix of Asian spices and serves hot or cold on the table.

8. Rihaakuru

Rihaakuru is actually a traditional Maldivian fish-based sauce that uses the byproduct of tuna fish. The color of this sour fish sauce may vary from light brown to rich dark brown. This is like comfort food for all the Maldivians as they eat it almost every day. You can eat it with chapatis, rice or other foods.

9. Handulu Bondibai

For all the dessert lovers, never miss a chance to try out Handulu Bondibai during your stay in the Maldives. Handulu Bondibai is a special Maldivian sweet sticky rice pudding that has rice, coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves, cardamom, and rose water. Although they eat this thick and sticky sweet rice dessert on special occasions, you can try it out during lunchtime.

10. Curry

How can we end our list of famous dishes of Maldives without mentioning the Maldivian curry? Be it Maldivian Tuna Curry, Maldivian Chicken Curry or Mango Curry, if you want to get Maldivian cuisine flavors, try them out. Maldivian curries are a celebration of Maldivian spices and flavors. Relish the Maldivian Curry with steamed rice, and you will need nothing.

Here are a few exotic dishes from the Maldivian cuisine you must try out during your stay while enjoying the incredible landscape.

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