MMRPC, A Marketing Genius

With the Middle East in sight, Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation has set upon fascinating roadshows on May 23rd, May 25th, and May 26th in the cities of  Riyadh, Jeddah, and Kuwait respectively. This will be a great platform for Industry partners on both sides to connect.

Establishing strong B2B relations and increasing market reach and arrival count from GCC countries remains the primary aim of MMRPC roadshows. This is not the only marketing strategy used by MMRPC,

QBLT, MALT Congress, & ATM 2022 are also some of the major travel fairs where the MMRPC has left its mark. special conferences were held alongside these fairs completely tapping into the potential market. 

In the Golden Jubilee year of this coral haven, MMRPC aims to break the record of welcoming 91,413 travelers from the Middle East. To achieve this feat no stone is being left unturned, with the Riyadh Travel Fair, inviting agents from the cities, conducting Webinars, textbook outdoor marketing, and familiarization trips, are some of the activities set up by the MMRPC.

This perfect campaign deserved the perfect title and it has been given just that. The roadshow will be called “Connect with Maldives…The Ultimate Dream Destination” a perfectly laid out plan to market top-of-the-class services and products.

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