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Velaa Private Island Guide

Do you like the sight of beautiful islets topped with white sand and tropical palms? Then, you will fall in love with the dreamy atolls and turquoise ocean of the Maldives. You may have already decided on going to the Maldives. However, without the right accommodation, you cannot take your pleasure to the ultimate level. The luxury resort, likeVelaa Private Island, can be the perfect choice for those who love something laving during their stay in the Maldives.

Way to reach

Located in the Velaa Private Island Noonu Atoll, it is 186 kilometers away from the Male International airport. It takes only 45 minutes by seaplane and it is the only option to reach this extravagant destination.

Book a room that gives you scenic views

Velaa Private Island presents you with beautiful villas with iconic interiors. The quiet and tranquil surroundings let you enjoy some private moments with your dear ones. There is also an ultra-private bedroom for romantic couples. The bedroom is above a water body, and you may access it by boat. Besides, Velaa Private Island has a Beach Pool House for those who have reached the island country for a family trip. When you love ocean views from your bedroom, you can choose the Ocean Pool House.

Please your taste buds with the best cuisine

Velaa Private Island has employed chefs from different to provide you with the global culinary menu. You will get an authentic taste of foods prepared fresh local and imported ingredients. This high-end resort has 3 kitchens where professional chefs make your dish ready with their culinary skills. Moreover, you will find different settings of the dining spaces.

Aragu is a restaurant at Velaa Private Island where you can enjoy the picturesque seaside setting. International sommeliers and foreign waiters, together with a classic culinary menu, can provide you with the best sensation.

Tavaru is another culinary theatre with a brand-new menu for travelers. The finest architectural details, magnificent settings, and Teppanyanki kitchen are the major attractions.

Wine enthusiasts will also find the right place to sip their favorite wine from Avi bar. With a spectacular backdrop, this poolside bar provides you with delicious cocktails. Visit the bar at night to find a vibrant setting that stimulates your energy to dance with friends. Avi is a Paradise to cocktail lovers, and you can order glasses of cool cocktails in this bar.

Spa facilities to make you feel cozy

While the serene atmosphere of the seaside pleases you, it is better to have a spa treatment in the Maldives. The professional standard facial treatment, traditional massage, and other personalized solutions make you feel special. You do not need to move anywhere from Velaa Private Island to get the spa package.

The blend of the latest anti-aging technologies with quality ingredients promotes your health. Thus, when you like to enjoy a beach holiday, you can book a room on Velaa Private Island. Pamper yourself in the snow room, steam room, and sauna.

Activities for adventurers

Lots of tourists in the Maldives like to engaging in different outdoor activities to revive their energy. Make your trip thrilling with the hoverboard, flyboard, and electric foil surfboarding. Vella Private Island houses provide you with hi-tech water sport toys, and you can easily avail of them. Moreover, you can take a boat to enjoy a big game fishing journey.

Fitness and sports enthusiasts also find special arrangements at Velaa Private Island. Go to the football pitch in the afternoon or attend the Technogym to keep your body fit. Besides, meditation sessions, private gardens, and different other amenities will give you the best feeling.

Velaa Private Island is the best destination, as you desire a masterful blend of high-end amenities, spacious rooms, and innovations. Furthermore, personalized service, friendly staff, and authenticity can easily grab travelers’ attention from any country. The pure atmosphere of Velaa Private Island lets you enjoy a carefree life and perfect holiday.

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